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PHP vs J2EE: a Practical Approach

There are many comparisons of PHP and J2EE performance out there. Many of the comparisons are either based on theoretical guesses or do some kind of CPU / Memory usage benchmarking while running various algorithms. It just doesn’t make sense. … Continue reading

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How to set up Virtual Hosts in Apache

Say you want to host several websites from a single apache server each one has a different URL but how does apache know what content should go to which URL? The answer is you have to set up Virtual Hosts … Continue reading

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SSIS vs Pentaho Cage Match

If you’re interested in a no holds barred, knock-down, drag-out, competition of a leading commercial piece of software vs it’s open source counterpart…. You might have to look elsewhere. Not to completely disappoint you, but I have written a in-depth whitepaper … Continue reading

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