Michael Grecol (The Data Brewer) is an IT and International Business expert located in Columbus,OH.

For the last 12 years I have been dedicated to improving the efficiency and accuracy of operations by leveraging technology. The goal of much of my work has been to automate processes and reduce repetitive operations keeping people doing what people do best and making computers do the rest. I have found that big efficiency gains begin with data integration and analytics.

In the 80’s, I got my first computer, a Commodore Vic-20. I quickly learned to program in BASIC. After which, I upgraded to a Commodore 64 and began to explore microprocessor operation.  This led me to learn to program in Assembly language. After high school, I obtained an Associates Degree in Electronics. I learned even more about microprocessors and programmed using binary code.

I retained my passion for computers and always found an opportunity to use technology to improve my working environment which led me to constantly upgrade my technical skills. In 2001, I worked as an IT professional developing dot net applications and administrating SQL Server databases. I used these skills to further my career where I developed multitudes of applications to solve business needs. My specialties are in Database Design, Data Warehousing, Java Technology, J2EE web applications, Linux Operating Systems, Business Process optimization and redesign.  I am now pursuing my Master’s Degree in Computer Science with a concentration in data and knowledge systems.

I have lived in Cleveland, Wuhan, China, Chicago, Seattle, Houston and Toledo and now I call Columbus, Ohio home. My hobbies are fishing, motorcycling and brewing beer.

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